I am Nora Doebrich, the Founder of Womb Warriors Creative, an Art Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Pregnancy loss survivor/advocate and mother. With Womb Warriors Creative, I strive to create a community for women to gain support and creatively process traumas of the womb; miscarriage, infertility, birth traumas, illness, etc.


I experienced my first miscarriage in 2015 and my entire life opened up and came crashing down within seconds of seeing no heart beat on the ultrasound monitor. I was lost, did not know where to turn for support, did not even know what I needed in terms of support and felt so isolated. I remember scouring through the internet to try to find answers and to connect to other women who had experienced this loss. I felt so alone.

I am an artist my nature and in my trade. I have a BS in Fine Arts and a Master's Degree in Art Therapy.  My bridge to understanding myself and my world has always been through art.  So, I began to sketch in my sketchbook- really just scribbling, that eventually led into some images depicting my anger, grief and emptiness. This evolved into painting and some poetry. It helped. It did not bring back my baby or bring back the person I was before experiencing this loss, but it helped me connect to the parts of my self that were still there and the new parts. 

My womb story has continued through 6 more miscarriages and fertility treatment. Through this whole journey, my relationship with my body has greatly changed, vacillating between hate and disappointment, to amazement and awe. Art has repeatedly gotten me back to that place of love for myself. 

My hope in creating Womb Warriors Creative, is to share the healing power of creativity with women all around the world. We are not alone. While talking about our stories and sharing our stories through the written word, are helpful, there is also something so magical about the creative process. Everyone is creative. You do not have to be a professional artist or even think of yourself as creative, to join this special community. I encourage you to try. I encourage you to let go of your own limiting beliefs, judgements and expectations and just show up for yourself. I promise you that something will shift through this process and you will be surprised with what you find. 


You are invited to join our monthly virtual workshops on the third Thursday of each month (7-8:30pm), and/ or share some of your own creations on our Facebook and Instagram pages. My hope is that we will grow this together and may move to weekly groups and in person groups, when the time is right. My other goal with this community is to eventually curate an art exhibition of our amazing works. In an effort to destigmatize women's health issues, it is important to share our stories through visual representation. As we build a creative community together, we become stronger and the world around us becomes more open and aware. 

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